What causes a compressor to draw high amps?

The compressor could be pulling hi amps due to wear and age, low power supply or perhaps a weak start run capacitor . Check the voltage supply, inspect the capacitor with a multi meter and weak capacitors will sometimes look swollen or mishapen.

What causes high amps on a compressor?

The overloading could be a mechanical problem, like worn bearings, worn rods, etc. If we were looking at a single-phase compressor, the high amperage could be caused by a bad run capacitor

What affects compressor amp draw?

As the evaporating temperature decreases, so does the evaporating pressures. These lower pressures entering the compressor's cylinders mean less dense vapors filling the cylinders. Less mass flow rate of refrigerant vapor is pumped by the compressor , which causes the decreased amp dra

How many amps does a AC compressor use?

Central air conditioning units require 208/240 volts. They must be hard wired and have a dedicated circuit. Units require anywhere from 15-60 amps depending on how many tons they ar